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Pro Point Electrical is a leading provider of high quality LED downlights for homes and commercial properties throughout Melbourne. There has never been a better time to have these lights installed and Pro Point have a team of experienced electricians on hand to provide a fast and effective fitting service at your property. LED downlights are rapidly growing in popularity for their style, cost-efficiency, and for the reduced energy bills attributed to them.

We are located in Melbourne and are conveniently located to provide our lighting installation and conversion service throughout the eastern and south-eastern suburbs.

What are LED Down Lights?


LED down lights are a recent technology that allows for the same lighting power as a standard 60W halogen bulb however only require around 4-10W to run. Therefore, you would require as much as 10 LED lights to emit as much energy as a standard halogen globe.

You can rely on Pro Point Electrical’s team of emergency electricians to come to your home in absolutely no time and have the power working efficiently. After all, it’s 2017, and one should be able to watch the footy without electrical interruptions. The same goes for commercial and industrial properties: simply give us a call and one of our 24-hour electricians will be at the property and have the electricity back on in no time.

Need help installing LED lighting?

If you’d like to arrange a call out for your property’s lighting system, feel free to get in contact – we’re always happy to chat about your requirements.

Why choose LEDs?


There are a number of great reasons why you should make the switch to LED down lights for your home or commercial property. These include

We all know the nuisance of having to change a light globe. You have to go searching for your halogen globes (if not go out and buy new ones!), get out a rickety wooden chair, unscrew the busted bulb, and screw in the new one – all whilst straining your back. This is the doing of the halogen globe, with LED down lights you almost never have to change them, as they have a lifespan of an incredible 50,000 hours plus. The light will almost never die, making life that little bit easier for you.

When LED lighting first appeared on the market it was quite expensive, but it has since dropped in cost and is now as cost-effective as any other lighting to install.

Just as LED down lights are cheap to install, so are the bills attributed to their usage. As previously mentioned, LED lighting emits far less power than their outdated halogen cousins, and therefore will reduce your energy bills by a great amount. The money saved on this lighting system is just a win-win all round.

LED lights provide that extra contemporary look of style to a home, giving them an elegance and sophistication that halogen globes simply cannot. Halogen globes: boring and dated. LED down lights: stylish and financially savvy.

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If you would like to receive the installation services of a team of skilled and experienced electricians, contact Pro Point Electrical today by calling 0401 757 325 or emailing info@propointelectrical.com.au.